Lucy Michelle starts Kickstarter for solo album, Attack of the Heart

Lucy Michelle starts Kickstarter for solo album, Attack of the Heart
Photo by Erik Hess

Lucy Michelle, a name often associated with her bandmates the Velvet Lapelles, has decided to strike out on her own for a solo project. Titled, Attack of the Heart, the project is expected to see the light of day next year.

In January, Michelle is heading out to play a bi-weekly residency at Hollywood's singer-songwriter stronghold Hotel Cafe and some West Coast dates to play these songs in a live setting. But right now, she's got a Kickstarter launched to help raise funds to complete the mastering and production of the recording, which featured assists from the New Standards' John Munson and Chan Poling. You might know 'em from Semisonic and the Suburbs, respectively, as well.

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Here's a video of Lucy Michelle talking about her new album and playing some of the songs:

In a lengthy note on the Kickstarter site, Michelle describes her inspiration for Attack of the Heart. In 2011, she and her new husband were on a four-day honeymoon on Madeline Island in Northern Wisconsin. The calm of that time left a lasting imprint.

I started writing while I was there and realized how deeply personal it all was. It's not as if my past writing wasn't personal but my life had changed in many ways and I was starting to see things a little differently. A solo album was the only thing that made sense for these songs, they where tender, heart wrenching and therapeutic.

Though she had considered inviting different musicians to appear on each song when it came time to record, she decided that she wanted more consistency. Munson and Poling were friends she made during the New Standards Christmas show a few years back, and the work ended up getting done at Munson's recording space in Northeast Minneapolis. "Chan and John helped me shape these songs into something more real then I could have ever hoped for," she says. "I learned so much from the experience and with the help of drummer Richard Medek and a handful of very talented guest musicians we created a unique sound that hopefully people will enjoy as much as we do."

Get involved by donating at the Kickstarter page here. Lucy Michelle's next local show is scheduled for February 14, 2013 at the Cedar Cultural Center.

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