Lucky Jeremy: Happy Get Lucky

Happy Get Lucky
Heart of a Champion

Our 20s: Is there a better time to curl up and revel in post-adolescent angst? After age 18, you can still get away with it for a few more years. Especially when you're St. Paul singer/ songwriter "Lucky" Jeremy Allen, who's approaching 24 and is still making a living off his cracked-glass-half-empty candor.

Allen's second EP, Happy Get Lucky (Heart of a Champion) dispenses such bleak observation as "I get so cranky lately/My image and my attitude/I get so down on everything/I hate everything I do" ("Scared Naked"). Yet his mouse-like vocals--melodically peppered by the anxious guitar and drums of neighborhood pals Nathan Grumdahl (Selby Tigers) and Jeff Brown (Grotto)--can't help but sound, well, hopeful. On his first electric outing, the frequent Sean Na Na collaborator indulges in a warm ambiance of surf-guitar licks and friendly patter with his bandmates, taking the garage band out of the garage. Poring over the telltale "A Measure of Myself at Age 22," he announces with conviction, "I won't ask for anything/'Cause I don't have to/I will take whatever it is I need."

Spoken like a true adult.

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