Lucinda Williams will tie the knot at First Ave


When alt-country queen Lucinda Williams returns to Minneapolis to play First Avenue on September 18, she'll play what will likely be one of her rarest and most significant shows -- between her regular set and her encore, Williams will invite her Minnesotan fiancee Tom Overby to join her on stage for their wedding ceremony. Chris Riemenschneider at the Star Tribune is reporting that Overby, who was formerly a Best Buy executive in the Twin Cities, met Williams about five years ago, and that the two regularly spend time in Minnesota with family and friends.

According to the Star Tribune, the stage at First Avenue has already been home to a few nuptial exchanges:

It will not be the club's first wedding. First Ave staffers recalled members of the local bands Vox Medusa and Wilma & the Wilburs holding weddings there on stage, and the club's former owner Allan Fingerhut had a wedding reception there.

Williams's current tour also marks her 30th anniversary as a recording artist, giving her plenty of reasons to celebrate when she is back in Minnesota.