Low Lustre: Low Lustre

Learning to pace yourself is an important lesson for marathon runners, tantric sex participants, and, apparently, indie rock trios. Low Lustre's debut release starts with its strongest offerings, then sort of tapers off. From the guitar-as-metronome intro to the sweeping falsetto chorus, "Too Far to Go" works in the most accessible shades of Spoon. Adding an extra edge to their otherwise clean-cut sound are Nate Borgen's gravelly vocals, which creak more than a little like Archers of Loaf/Crooked Fingers leader Eric Bachmann's. The comparison is most obvious on "Dancing Blind," which sneaks in on a quiet church organ chord before unveiling its sure-fire stuck-in-your-head melody on parallel guitar and vocals.

But once into the six-song EP's second half, rhythms slow and take the momentum of Low Lustre's hooks with them. By the time "Symmetry" brought things to a close with a plodding pace and Borgen's nicotine-flecked mumbles straining for the high notes, I was a sort of glad it was the end. Low Lustre are a young band with plenty of potential; they just could have used a little track shuffling on their first time out.

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