Low gifted the world a tender-hearted new Christmas song


Low Zoran Orlic

Ho! Ho! ... Low?!

That's right: Duluth faves Low -- who your infallible pals at City Pages dubbed Minnesota's last great, sustainable indie-rock band -- are back with a new Christmas song: "Some Hearts (at Christmas Time)."

The gorgeously sparse track arrived via Sub Pop's gift sack Thursday, complete with a seasonally appropriate memo from the band:

"To friends who have moved away and friends who have passed on this year. To one and all, especially those who are alone, we wish you a Merry Christmas and new hope for the new year. May we all find ways to lift each other.

With love,

Mimi, Alan and Steve."

Aww, Low's the best.

"Some Hearts (at Christmas Time)" isn't the group's first foray into the world of holiday bangers. Their 1999 Christmas EP featured cherished standards ("Little Drummer Boy," "Silent Night" etc.), plus originals like "Just Like Christmas," which you can watch Craig Finn and Esmé Patterson cover here.

Low will whoosh down First Avenue's (figurative) chimney on December 17 for Low & Friends Christmas, featuring Hippo Campus, Gaelynn Lea, and others; the band is currently gigging around Europe. Christmas, a popular holiday celebrating the epic birth of Jesus Christ, is scheduled for December 25.