Low Dressed Up Like ZZ Top for Halloween [PHOTOS]

Low's Alan Sparhawk doing his best Billy Gibbons.

Low's Alan Sparhawk doing his best Billy Gibbons.

Low might've been the sharpest-dressed band of the Halloween season during Friday's opening set for Slowdive at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. The Duluth experimental rock trio donned facial hair, cowboy hats, and shades, and added bright-green fur to their instruments to become the spitting image of another famous triple threat -- blues-rock legends ZZ Top.

More photos of their costuming below.

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[jump] In spite of a few wise-ass calls for '80s-era hits combining bluesy stomp and Billy Gibbons' keen pop sensibility from the sold-out crowd, Low's performance did not mimic their appearance.

Pulling several songs from The Invisible Way, including Parker sweetening the set with the gospel of "Holy Ghost," the group layered blank space, slow tempos, tight harmonies, and an occasional outburst of noise for a focused intro for their shoegazing friends. Sparhawk noted that the haunting "Murderer" was a fitting choice and told a brief tale about the time he wore a horse mask during a performance with another one of his bands, the Black Eyed Snakes.

He characterized it as the most psychedelic experiences of his life. If only he could see what we were seeing Friday night.
Headliners Slowdive embraced the Halloween spirit during their distortion-heavy fever dream of a set spanning their brief original run in the late '80s and early '90s.

Costume Highlights: Drummer Simon Scott took inspiration from A Clockwork Orange, and singer-guitarist Rachel Goswell's makeup was straight out of Día de Muertos, AKA Day of the Dead.

Many more details from the show in Alex Rice's review Monday morning.


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A mustachioed Mimi Parker as Frank Beard.

A mustachioed Mimi Parker as Frank Beard.