Low-Bee on Hollertronix, parties and future of DJing (interview)

We Hollered at Low Bee before he got on a plane to come to Minneapolis for his first appearance at Get Cryphy tonight, and here's what he told us. 

Gimme Noise: You're widely known as the dude behind the Hollerboard. Are you still posting, and what was the craziest or most memorable argument you ever read on there?

Low Bee: Yeah, the Hollerboard is still going strong with a lot of great DJs from all over the world contributing. I don't get to go on that much all though i keep trying to make it a point to. I think the Aaron Lacrate diss thread [Aaron is a Baltimore Club producer] was one of the biggest attention getters about three years ago. All types of people started calling him out about different ways he screwed people over and it snowballed into this whole movement where T-shirts were made with his logo crossed out and everything. 

Gimme Noise: Yikes, drama. So, tell us about a new project or remix you're working on. 

Now I'm just making various club tracks, but I can say that there is some new Hollertronix mix in the very beginning stages right now. 

Gimme Noise: Oh, that will be good. What was your favorite gig from those days with Diplo? 

We both agree that our HOLLERWEEN party in Philly in 2004 was incredible. Everyone was in costume! Spankrock, MIA, and Bun B -- all of them performed. The enrergy was through the roof ALL NIGHT!!! 

Gimme Noise: What's a typical weekend like for you? 

I'll usually spin or go out once a weekend. The other night is usually spent chillin', either working on music, looking for new music, or just reading. I'm really into educating myself about all types of stuff now. Expanding my interests beyond just music. 

Gimme Noise: What do you feel is the near-future for the DJ scene? Back in, say, '99, could you have predicted your success in DJing? 

I think the future, at least I hope the future of DJing will get back to more live mixing, with long sets that cover a whole variety of tempos, not just non-stop 130 BPM. DJ's will focus on formating the entire night and not just going all out with high energy music their whole set, but on building a vibe and taking people on a crazy musical journeys with different moods, genres, rythyms, etc. As far as predicting now, NO. We were such a big part of influencing the way DJ's play now. I never really thought we would have such an impact.