Love Power and 1419 shut down by the City of Minneapolis

The Twin Cities Daily Planet's Arts Orbit is reporting that two neighboring underground music venues on the West Bank, the 1419 and the Love Power building, have been closed by the city due to lack of proper licensing.

Both buildings were developing into unique events spaces lately; the 1419 was a DIY space that hosted theater, arts, and music events, many of which were organized by a group of students from the U of M who were renting the space, while Love Power was making a surprisingly smooth transition from its longstanding role as a missionary church into a concert space.

Love Power was the site of a huge 15-band blowout that was spearheaded by Marijuana Deathsquads back in January, in addition to being the film site of one of our recent City of Music videos with S. Carey.

City of Music: S. Carey from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

If the Daily Planet's interview with 1419 member and resident Billy Mullaney is any indication, this move from the City of Minneapolis didn't come as a huge surprise to anyone involved with the spaces. The 1419 members had longstanding problems with their landlord, who would rent out the space for what Mullaney described as "cocaine-fueled raves," while the Love Power building was obviously facing an identity crisis while its landlord tried to figure out how to keep it afloat.

For more on Mullaney's perspective on the story, head to the TC Daily Planet.

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