Love in October find love in Chi-town


Photo courtesy of the Love in October MySpace page

Minneapolis based, Swedish-bred pop band Love in October are packing their bags once again and migrating down to Chicago. Brothers Erik and Kent Widman, who spent their childhood bouncing between their parent's homes in Michigan and Sweden before migrating to Minnesota to start a band, say that they are making the move for both "practical and personal" reasons. Given the bands heavy touring schedule, it's a safe bet that they will be back before too long.

Here's a message from Erik and Kent:

Kent and I moved to Minneapolis on a whim and started this project two and a half years ago. Ever since we've been traveling the country playing shows, making music, and living our dream. At the end of the month we'll be moving to Chicago to continue our musical endeavors from there. We are making this move for practical and personal reasons. We will miss the city of Minneapolis and all the good people we've met here, but we also look towards the future with great optimism. This is not the end of the band by any means as we have plenty of music left inside of us. We'd like to thank Troy and Ryan for playing with us and being great guys. We'll miss them. e'd also like to thank all the fans who have come out to see us here in MPLS. It's been so much fun playing for you. This isn't the end of LiO in Minneapolis; we'll be back on tour. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love in October fans have one last chance to catch the boys on their home turf, the show details are in this flyer: