Love-cars reuniting for 'Rent Party!' at the Turf tonight

It all makes sense. For those wondering how local musicians like James Diers, Haley Bonar, Jeremy Ylvisaker, JT Bates, Jake Hanson, and Mike Lewis find the time to spawn so many amazing, collaborative projects, the answer is simple: They all share a practice space. And unfortunately, that practice space costs money, something that don't come easy these days. Hence tonight's "Rent Party!" at the Turf, a cool shuffle of the musicians' many projects.

The end result is that all of these extremely talented musicians:

J.T. Bates (Fat Kid Wednesdays, Alpha Consumer, The Pines)
Haley Bonar (Gramma's Boyfriend, Guitar Party)
Dan Choma (Emot)
James Diers (Halloween Alaska)
Jacob Hanson (Halloween Alaska, Wishbook, Mpls Dub Ensemble)
Joe Horton (No Bird Sing)
Dave King (The Bad Plus, Halloween Alaska, The Gang Font)
Michael Lewis (Happy Apple, Alpha Consumer, Gayngs, Andrew Bird)
Kristian Melom (Minor Kingdom)
Bobby Mulrennan (No Bird Sing, Emot)
Graham O'Brien (No Bird Sing, himself)
Mick White (Quiet Client)
Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, Guitar Party, Andrew Bird)

...will perform in all of these extremely talented bands, including newer collab Gramma's Boyfriend and a reunion set by Love-cars:

9:00 Quiet Client
9:25 Emot
9:50 Minor Kingdom
10:15 All Tomorrow's Petty
10:30 Love-cars
10:55 Haley Bonar
11:15 No Bird Sing
11:40 Halloween, Alaska
12:05 Gramma's Boyfriend
12:30 Alpha Consumer

Cover is $5, and as the name suggests, will go toward "the big-ass shared heating bills that await [the musicians] in the months ahead."

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