Lost Shepherds' Eben Stine was hit by a van, playing benefit to recoup dental costs

Eben Stine and his removable tooth
Eben Stine and his removable tooth
Photo courtesy of the artist

In early November, the Lost Shepherds' Eben Stine was involved in a bike accident with a vehicle and lost some teeth.

"It was a van... It turned in front of me when I was biking in the bike lane," says Stine, recounting the accident. "It turned right and cut me off, and I basically hit the side of it with my teeth. Then [the van] just took off."

Why not jumpstart your 2013 by supporting a good cause? This Saturday, Republic - 7 Corners is holding a benefit for Stine, the lead singer of local folk rockers.

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The gruesome accident was strange in one respect -- Stine suffered essentially no damage other than to his pearly whites.

"I think my mouth was open... I didn't even cut my lips or anything, like I literally hit my teeth only," explains Stine. "I lost three teeth. One got knocked out completely, and the other two were broken in half, so I had to go to the dentist a bunch of times to get that fixed. It was a bunch of different procedures... So now I have a missing tooth and then a couple crowns. I have a fake tooth, and I can take it out. It's kind of crazy."

While Stine has made a full recovery, more or less, the bills for his dental surgery are totaling thousands of dollars -- and climbing, since the work thus far is only temporary. To help Stine out, his friends have arranged a benefit at Republic - 7 Corners, where Stine also works.

Taking place this Saturday, the benefit will feature a solo set from Stine, a solo set from Patrick Mazurek of Big Lake, an electronic set from Tim Krause, and sets from the Idle Hands and Widow Jones. There's a $5 cover, which goes directly to Stine; the owners of Republic have also donated a keg of PBR, and all sales from that evening will go to Stine as well.

As for Stine, he's just grateful that the only battle scar he's got is a missing tooth. (Which will probably turn out to be the coolest party trick ever, actually.)

"It could have been so much worse than it ended up being, if I would have hit it in a different angle," says Stine, breathing a sigh of relief. "Right now, I'm good, I'm pretty much recovered. I'm in good shape."

He is also looking forward to recording a new Lost Shepherds record soon.

"Michael [Gunvalson, drums] is on tour with On And On right now, so once he gets back, we're gonna start recording a new record," offers Stine. "The record is pretty much written, but we can't start recording it until he's home."

The Benefit for Eben's Broken Face is taking place at Republic - 7 Corners this Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. $5 cover. All PBR tap purchases go directly to Eben Stine.

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