Losing Mischke vol. 2


Four days in, and the conjecture is burning wild. While AM 1500 management remains silent, listeners are crying out louder and louder by the hour, flummoxed by the suddenness of T. D. Mischke's termination and the lack of explanation from his higher-ups. Mischke's personal page on the AM 1500 website was terminated Monday morning (though the link to it remains on the page, and his message board is still active), and his listeners have turned to the station's remaining message boards, including those devoted to Joe Soucheray, Bob Davis, and the station's general discussion board. By this late hour, the unanimous cry is that something, whatever it may be, smells fishy.

Though the level-headed are quick to shrug off the wilder conspiracy theories regarding the firing, there are several details that raise the eyebrow and suggest that the firing may have been precipitated by an immediate, unforseen event.

The denial of a farewell broadcast for Mischke is chief among them. As a 17 year veteran of the station, it seems unthinkable that a routine firing would be executed with such suddenness, especially considering the especially intimate relationship that exists between Mischke and his listeners.

The fact that the firing was executed without prior engagement of a replacement personality further compounds suspicions that the firing was conducted in response to an unforeseen event. Since Monday, AM 1500 fill-in Kelly Webb and resident sports commentator Jim Souhan have divided duties in Mischke's slot, and station sources indicate that no long-term replacement has been secured.

The proximity of the firing to Mischke's CD Release for "That Kind Of Day" is worth further consideration. The release party was a major promotional undertaking for AM 1500, and a lion's share of on-air personalities and management were on hand at the show. His firing, which came less than 24 hours afterward, could indicate that something may have occurred at the show or afterward to precipitate the firing.

Any further conjecture is futile, and would only run the risk of falling on the wrong side of the facts, which are, however slowly, forthcoming. Still, one can't help but put a nose to the wind, and there is no denying that there's something on the air, and it doesn't smell like it belongs there.