Los Nativos and Big Jess tonight at 7th Street Entry


Los Nativos: Viva la revolution.

Though the mainstage will be reserved for Wu Tang Clan and a couple thousand of their closest friends and relatives, First Avenue's second stage is devoted to all things local and homegrown. Much more than an overflow room for the late-comers too tardy to score a Wu Tang ticket at the box office (though, in that capacity, it's more than servicable), the 7th Street Entry will host a hip-hop who's who, featuring some of our finer hometowners and imports.

After appearing with Kanser for the Illuminous 3's CD releaseon the 11th and again on the 13th at the Heiruspecs afterparty, tonight's show will mark Zach's 3rd appearance in the Entry in five days, and it's a hard-won and much deserved residency. Also appearing, sans full crew, is Big Jess from Uknown Prophets, while Rhymesayer's own Los Nativos are always at the ready with a "Viva Zapata." The Mexican hip-hoppers bring signature enthusiasm and potency to every performance, no matter how big or how small the stage (they made a great splash in an early performance at 2008's Soundset Festival).

Sure, the room just next door might be aglow names that engage a little more neon and ticker tape. But the best stuff is usually happening in the little room, where you can actually touch the performers, where you're liable to walk out the door with someone else's sweat on you. Even if you're signed up to watch the Clan in the mainroom, you owe it to yourself to take that quick walk next door.

Monday, December 15. $7.00. 8:00 P.M. 18+.