Loring Pasta Bar launches jazz night Musique Mystique


We've always loved vibe of the Loring Pasta Bar, from the starry atmosphere and the surprisingly neat bathrooms, to the exposed brick, plush couches and candles burning. It's not just your average bar, but a delicate slice at perfectionism; all to take you away from the seedy, disheveled conditions of regular nightlife. And it is precisely the appeal that Jason Mclean, the Loring's owner and curator of Musique Mystique, hasn't ever taken for granted.

[jump] Starting this evening the Loring Pasta Bar will hold their first Monday music series, hallmarked as Musique Mystique or more easily known as jazz & wine night. It's a great way to come in after taking a beating from the weekend, relax and enjoy a simple menu with happy hour-esque fare and a suitable wine list for your choosing.

All of this, accompanied by marvelous entertainment brought to you by local jazz musicians, alt-country singer/songwriters, and a rotating line-up of acclaimed Twin Cities female vocalists. Envision modesty at its best, frayed eloquence, a luscious arrangement of small jazz ensembles; sitting on a plush couch in the back-corner of the Chambre Rouge enjoying a glass of merlot. Monday just became the best night of the week -- no longer is it starved of creativity and lacking social interaction. Musique Mystique brings with it a calming sense of romance wrapped in a subtle ambiance.

Musique Mystique is held upstairs in a private room that some have never even seen, the Red Room. Instead of a chalky beatnik corner café or a cold, reverberated basement, you will be welcomed into a seasonally soothing backdrop. When big parties and huge concerts seem like they've become a bit too much, Musique Mystique will be your accessible getaway.

Musique Mistique will be held starting this Monday evening, November 8, at 7 p.m., with a performance by Meredith Fierke. Future performances in the Monday night series' will feature local chanteuses as Charmin Michelle, Maud Hixson, Lucia Newell, and Nichola Miller. This is no-cover event, and will be located upstairs in the Red Room, featuring a unique menu of appetizers, cocktails and a gracious wine selection.