Loring Alley Party set times, lineup, holy moly

Not to be outdone by the Pizza Luce Block Party, Totally Gross National Product, Nick & Eddie, and Ryan Olson have put together an amazing day and night of the Cities' best way-goddamn-left-of-center musicians and artists, including Mike 2600, Poop Smeared Mirror (Knife World with added insanity), Falcon Crest, Slapping Purses, and Voyager (Voyager!). Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh.

First off, peep the amazing blinky poster:

Loring Alley Party set times, lineup, holy moly
Now that's digital promo in the post-aughts. Note the poster says 12-10PM, but the end only marks the beginning of Marijuana Deathsquads' four-hour "afterparty" (fifth gear seems more apt) inside Nick & Eddie, probably with copious special guests and many lovely peoples regardless. Also note that it says "Voyager LP release." That's no joke. If you're not familiar, watch the video below and gather your shekels.

There will of course be beer, food, and nice weather because we've been shit on enough this week and Gaia is fully aware of it. Probably a few suspicious/auspicious backpacks too. Here are the set times (note: set times are liable to get all fucked up):

12:00      New Power Generators
1:00     Batmen
1:30     Baby Pizza
2:00     To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie
2:40     Baby Pizza
3:00     Falcon Crest
3:30     Mike 2600
4:00     Spyder Baby Raw Dawg & 2% Muck
4:30     TJ Pubert
5:00     Book of Right On
5:30     717 Boys
6:00     Tender Meat
6:30     Food Team
7:00     Poop Smeared Mirror
7:30     Wes Winship
8:00     Total Fucking Blood
8:30     Plain Ole Bill
9:00     Voyager
9:30     Slapping Purses
10:00 Marijuana Deathsquads (inside)

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