Lori Barbero bids Minneapolis adieu

Lori Barbero photo by Mark Bukumunhe

Babes in Toyland drummer and longtime local music champion Lori Barbero has announced that she is packing her bags and moving down to Austin, Texas. Her presence will surely be missed in the Cities, as Barbero is an avid local show attendee and a friend to many in the local scene. From the press release:

Anyone who doesn't know who Lori Barbero is, and what she has meant to the Twin Cities' music scene for the past 30 years is living under a rock. Her contribution runs miles deeper than just her involvement in the seminal 90's band Babes In Toyland. She spent decades nurturing local talent, as well as putting these two burgs on the map nationwide. The list of bands she's put up and fed when they most needed it should land her a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alone!

Here's the flyer for the party: