Lookbook, Red Pens, Jayhawks, Birthday Suits, and more

Here in Weekend Checklist, our main goal is to highlight the standout local shows going on. Sometimes, though, we can't help but talk about our favorite national acts as well, whether they sell out First Ave's Mainroom or draw 50 people to the Turf Club. Occasionally, though, you find a weekend where our rock venues should be packed by the sheer quality of our local scene, and no touring acts need apply. This weekend is one such weekend, so put on your dancing shoes and go sample some of the best of the Twin Cities homegrown:


Dance-pop duo extraordinaire and critical accolade magnet Lookbook (profiled on the cover of this week's City Pages) step on to First Ave's Mainroom stage for the first time as headliners, bringing Slapping Purses (interviewed here), Bight Club, and Zoo Animal along for the adventure. 8:00 PM, 18+, $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Like your rock and roll a bit more analog? Red Pens--accolade magnets themselves--headline a free show at the Hexagon with Cadette, the Bombay Sweets, and Is/Is. @21+, 10 PM.

TC ubiquitous uber-talented guitarist Mike Michel--you might know him recently as the guy frequently jamming with hip-hop act Unknown Prophets, or just as "Bill Mike"--brings his Co-op to the Turf Club, with Central Division, Right From Rona, and Lazer Forever. 9:00 PM, 21+, $5.


Birthday Suits Birthday Suits Birthday Suits! How exactly does this amazing two-piece make any stage seem so full? If you haven't seen one of the Twin Cities' finest, noisiest bands yet, this is a perfect show to see them: much like their recent tour-mates the Blind Shake, watching Hideo and Matthew play after a long tour means the hits are harder, the guitars noisier, and the kicks are higher after weeks of these two playing nightly shows and daily drives in the van dreaming up more crazy shit to do on stage. Plus, they're bringing Gay Witch Abortion, Pink Mink, and Jim & the French Vanilla along for the ride. At Triple Rock Social Club, 9:00 PM, 18+, $7.

Haunted House and Dante & the Lobster share some members and gear, but they've definitely got their own unique takes on the fine art of the pop melody. Sure, Tame Impala cancelled, but you don't need them when you have two of the more distinctive indie bands in town taking the stage at the Turf Club. 9:00 PM doors, 21+, $5.

The Jayhawks are practically a venerable institution at this point, a shining example of locals who've gained great success and always remained rooted here. They kick off the first of three nights in First Avenue's Mainroom with KaiserCartel opening. 6:00 PM doors, 18+, $25. This show is sold out, but there's still plenty of tickets for...


...the next night, when they do it all over again at 7:30, with StrangeLights opening. 18+, $25. (If Sunday doesn't work for you, you can also catch them Monday in the Mainroom with Romantica, 7:30 doors, 18+, $25.)

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