Lookbook parting ways

Photo by Nick Vlcek

Wild hearts


be broken. Ours certainly are in reporting that rising electro-pop duo Lookbook, a band that was

featured on the cover of City Pages a few short months ago

, is going on what guitarist and producer Grant Cutler calls an "indefinite break."

"It's true," confirms singer Maggie Morrison. "Unfortunately, all of our shows are canceled," she says, including a gig at Cause this Saturday.

Like so many band breakups, Morrison and Cutler are refraining from divulging the nitty-gritty details of their split. "It's a sticky situation," Morrison hinted, and then changed the subject to a more optimistic topic. "One thing to point out is that we both have other music projects that we're working on," she says. Cutler has been exploring his own songwriting talents with Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords, while Morrison is collaborating with To Kill a Petty Bourgiousie's Mark McGee in improvisational electro group H.U.N.X., who just picked up the Wednesday night house band slot at Nick and Eddie formerly occupied by Marijuana Deathsquads.

News of the group's demise might come as a shock to those who have been following the duo, as their sudden breakup left no time for a farewell show, much less a swan song EP. From our perspective, Lookbook's new material was some of their most forward-thinking and intense work yet, ditching the '80s retro vibe in favor of jagged, brazen, and booming dance beats. The songs they had been honing live had the potential to nudge them onto the national playing field in a serious way. The pair were in the midst of recording their next album with producer and recent Minneapolis expat Gigamesh, and are unsure whether any of the tracks will be released; that a few of their new songs have been tracked but might not ever make it out of the studio only serves to sprinkle salt in the fresh gash of their split.

Morrison seems content to focus on the future, however. "You just have to keep moving. Let them gossip," she scoffed, referring to the rumors that have started flying about the band's demise. "Let them make up shit."

Pausing to reflect for a moment, she adds, "I think we'll both be healthier moving forward."


UPDATE: Thanks to the Current for directing our attention to this live performance audio of Lookbook at the Minnesota State Fair, where they performed three new songs for Dave Campbell's Local Show. It was their last public performance, and as far as we know one of the only recordings of Lookbook's new material, featuring songs "High or Low," "Don't Believe in Love," and "Untitled." Read Barb Abney's take on the band's split here.

Listen here:

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