Lookbook kick off promising Sky Pesher concert series


For those who have never been inside the Sky Pesher, walking into the sculpture outside of the Walker Art Center is an experience in and of itself. I've had the opportunity to bring a couple of unsuspecting out-of-town guests into the Pesher in the last few weeks to explore the space for the first time, and each person who set foot in the space was overcome with a sense of wonderment and serenity. So I was especially excited to hear news of the Skyspace/Soundspace series, which kicked off last night at the Pesher and features live musical performances from inside the sculpture.

Last night's musical guest was Lookbook, who adapted to the space well and were able to use the extra reverb from inside the Pesher to build on their echoing electro beats. A large crowd had gathered on the lawn surrounding the Pesher and there was even a roped-off area where attendees could purchase alcoholic beverages. I arrived too late to be admitted into the Pesher itself, where Lookbook was set up to perform, but their music was projected out onto the lawn with a couple of small speakers and it was easily audible from anywhere on the grassy hill.

For those hoping to get the full Skyspace/Soundspace experience, show up early -- we were advised that tickets for seats inside the Pesher are given away starting at 6 p.m., even though the music doesn't start until 8:30. Tickets are free, but space is limited.

Once Lookbook finished performing, a representative from pulled them over to a microphone to ask them about the experience. Grant Cutler described the Pesher as "the most reverbious" place they had ever played, while his bandmate Maggie Morrison compared it to playing "inside a Roman bathhouse."

Here's a schedule of upcoming Skyspace/Soundspace shows. Each concert begins at 8:30 p.m. and is free.

  • June 18: Beatrix*JAR
  • July 2: Mandrágora Tango Orchestra
  • July 23: Machinery Hill
  • August 27: Solid Gold