Lookbook and Ghost Band tonight at the Turf Club


Lookbook at First Avenue, photographed by trikno.

Why is it such a mental stretch to picture Lookbook, the outstanding local electro two-piece, perform with drummers (that's right-- plural) and a bassist?

Well, it could be that, up until now, the synthesized backdrops to Maggie Morrison's voice and Grant Cutler's guitar have filled the bill so very nicely. In fact, the band's whole conceit seemed to imply that, when it comes to an eerie, icy reproduction of 80's synth balladry, all those analog trappings are needless encumbrances.

Lookbook live at the Turf Club, by Above the Fold.

But tonight at the Turf Club, Lookbook will be multiplying their current number of drummers by... Let's see. What times zero equals two?

While our resident math dork gets to work on the answer, we'll play some paddleball, hurl pencils into the ceiling, and tell you that Lookbook has one of the most infectious sounds going in local music, a sonic presence vastly greater than the sum of their parts. On stage, the duo makes little ruckus, with Morrison issuing her pitch perfect vocals from a motionless standstill and guitarist/beatmaster Grant Cutler fiddling with the occasional knob and strumming the occasional guitar.

Theirs is a show entirely free of histrionics. There are no antics to cloud your perception of their performance, and it makes their spot on reproduction of Martika at her most suicidal all the more haunting and danceable. Will the move to live band be a one-time deal or a recurring theme? Will it be a success or will it tamper with their delicate and winning formula? Only one way to find out.

But make sure you arrive early-- Ghost Band also crowds this bill. Remember Beyond Jupiter, when poor Dr. David Bowman pilots his pod into the monolith and discovers a corroded, infant universe tripping on LSD? Ghost Band should have been the soundtrack, and nevermind the fact that they and the beatmakers they tinker with were but ash in the Earth when Kubrik made the film. Loud, glitched, and rabidly anti-formula, Ghost Band will have your heart doing double time to some funky signatures.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $4.00. With Radar Threat and Overthruster. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.