Lollapallooza 2011 lineup revealed; Atmosphere on bill again

While we expect there will be a few more surprises to be announced where Lollapalooza 2011 is concerned, an early lineup debuted today on the festival website and features hometown heroes Atmosphere in the first few lines. This will be the third time in the last several years that Slug & Co. have played Chicago's popular summer fest. 

More complete lineup for the weekend of Aug 5th after the jump.

Festival lineups (especially Lolla's and Coachella's) always seem to go one of a few ways -- either there are game-changer headliners up top and a smattering of decent supporting acts that all collectively act as a reason to consider buying the pricey tickets, or the lineup goes less heavy on the heavies, so to speak, in favor of buzzworthy medium-size acts. This time it seems the latter is true. We could totally skip Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Muse (the top-billed acts) in favor of The Cars, White Lies, Death From Above 1979, Ellie Goulding and Manchester Orchestra. And a glimpse of Atmosphere at such a big gig would fun, too.

Those are our thoughts about the lineup as it stands now. Let us know yours. Would you go? And who would you want to see?

Tickets are $215 for the weekend (early bird tickets have sold out). You can get them here.

For updates, follow @Lollapalooza on Twitter.

Lollapallooza 2011 lineup revealed; Atmosphere on bill again

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