Location: Classified techno fest to hit Hinckley

Luis Flores
Luis Flores

Something about raves and camping has always fit together. The best rave camp-outs in the country took place not more than a few hours from Minneapolis back in the late '90s, and now, in the spirit of those "Furthur" parties (which were a total clusterf*ck that took partying to a new level), a new triad of promoters are taking techno outdoors for a weekend again.

SubClass, Designated Hypeman Productions (DHP) and Tyzer, Int'l set their sights on Hinckley, Minnesota, (land of that one casino and the unavoidable Tobie's bakery) to throw a weekend event that brings together some of our region's most talented techno wizzes and a few up-and-coming artists on the international circuit.

At the front of the bill is Luis Flores, who ripped up the Record Room this year at Black with his drummy, super-clean set, and we'd expect he'd have the same effect here. But we should note one of the most underplayed artists on the Location: Classified roster is recently scarce Minneapolis legend Paul Birken, whose quirky live techno performances have been zapping the brains of the Midwest massive for nearly two decades, though less frequently in recent years. Rave kids grow up, it turns out.

Gimme Noise chatted with organizer Roe Pressley about the event, what to expect, and how, of all people, the memory of late Twin Cities rapper Eyedea became intertwined with the gig.

What inspired you to throw an event like this?

We've always wanted to throw a festival, and the right elements came together this last winter as far as venue, finances, and having a dedicated team with the passion and know-how to make it happen.

Why put together an all-techno festival in specific?

Though there are quite a few more festivals this summer than last, techno is still vastly underrepresented compared to dubstep, electro, trance, etc. So, while we have an array of styles represented, there's definitely a bigger focus on techno.

How'd you pick the artists who are playing?

To an extent, everybody knows everybody in the EDM scene, at least locally, and in some cases nationally and internationally, so contacting and negotiating with those who we wanted to play was pretty easy. Our choices were based mostly on 1) bigger national/international artists we like who have a big draw, 2) regional artists we know personally who have a draw and who have likewise hooked us up in the past (read: cronyism), and 3) lesser known artists and friends with a lot of potential who will hopefully grow their fanbase with this event. And of course, there's the asking-price-versus-budget aspect. We also still have a few more names to announce.

Is it legal?

Yes. All permits and insurance are taken care of. One of the more costly but definitely worthwhile expenses has been security. These guys have done a lot of stuff like this before (many of our festival-goers will certainly recognize them) and they go the extra miles to cover all the bases, as far as informing, meeting and getting a rapport with the local authorities and fire/EMT department, etc. They know that a poorly executed festival doesn't just screw us over, it's bad for the electronic music scene in general. And with a culture that's had its share of media and police scrutiny over the decades, making a concerted effort to be safe and legit is worth the effort.

How have you involved Eyedea's memory into this event?

A few other team members and I considered Eyedea a friend and have been greatly influenced by his work. One of his best friends, Carnage, is playing at Location: Classified with one of his bands. Both of them played at at every Pinnstock event I threw, which was in memory of my friend Marcus Lendway who died in 2007. So it seems eerily symmetrical and appropriate that we honor his memory and legacy. But I don't want to ruin any surprises. :)

LOCATION: CLASSIFIED Weekend-Long Camping, Music and Art Festival takes place 

August 17 at 12 p.m., August 19 at Combat Zone, 57631 Barns Spring Road, Hinckley, MN 55037. $40 early-bird presale, $50 presale, $55 GA/door -- includes camping and weekend admission


Location: Classified techno fest to hit Hinckley

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