Local teen broadcasts his life


Image courtesy of Dylan Reichstadt's Facebook page

A Webbified Cottage Grove teen has been recording his life -- almost all of it -- on for the past year. His broacasts have attracted a small following. He even got a company he interned for this summer to send us a press release about it.  

Park High School junior Dylan Reichstadt broadcasts every hour of his life -- except those hours when he is in class -- according to Katie McNabb, of 50 Entertainment. Reichstadt broadcasts his life on -- the social media Web site made famous when a user's suicide was broadcast online.


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When we looked, 16-year-old Reichstadt was broadcasting his drama practice. Check it out -- he might be doing something else now. 

"He broadcasts when he's sleeping as well," says Katie McNabb, of Minneapolis-based 50 Entertainment. The company signs artists to the label 50 Records and distributes through Sony Records.

Reichstadt worked this summer at 50 Entertainment on YouTube news videos, which is how he got the word sent out. His local paper, the South Washington County Bulletin, wrote a story about him.

So, what are you doing with your life?