Local team wins national "make a movie in a day" contest


A team of Minneapolis filmmakers has won a national contest that challenged entrants to write, shoot, edit, and score a complete short film in 24 hours.

Their winning entry, Blowing Bubbles, is a searing psychological portrait of a bubble-blowing clown in the midst of a career crisis--or at least as searing as you can get in four minutes, which is all they were allowed.

"It's a no-sleep situation," says Bubbles' assistant editor, Jack Paar, who was one of seven local crew members who created and filmed the project last April as part of the 24-Hour Film Race competition, which took place in 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Contestants are given the film genre (comedy this year) and one specific action that must be included (in this case, blowing bubbles) at 10 p.m. on a Friday and must return a finished film by 10 the following night. The director-for-a-day was Vaughn Juarez, who also plays the ringmaster. Executive producer Joe Schneider plays Bubbles.

Their effort virtually swept the Minneapolis competition, beating out 26 other local films and winning 11 of 16 categories, including Best Film. That win automatically entered them in the national judging against the best films from 19 other cities. This week Blowing Bubbles was announced as the national winner.

"We won $2,500 in prize money that we're donating to Haitian relief," Paar says.

You can see their award-winning short below.