Local rapper RP Hooks stopped by cops for flying drone near Vatican

Cops weren't as chill as his BLVCK SPVCE crew's dreamy beats.

Cops weren't as chill as his BLVCK SPVCE crew's dreamy beats.

International touring has to be a dream for a young artist. A chance to see the world (or at least the highways and clubs) on a shoestring budget, performing one's art for people from disparate cultures. Maybe once in a while you even get to play tourist.

Twin Cities MC RP Hooks is overseas this month with fellow local luminary Muja Messiah and Eli the Profit. The Red Eye world tour takes the three rappers through Israel, Ukraine, England, and Italy before an August 6 homecoming show at Icehouse, where Hooks will celebrate his new album, Deep in the Woods.
But during some recent down time in Italy, Hooks had less cause for celebration. According to an Instagram post from Tuesday, Hooks and unspecified travel companions were checking out the Vatican. It's unclear whether they were shooting video or just toying around, but apparently they were flying a drone outside the pope's house. And, apparently, Vatican cops aren't too keen on that.

Hooks declined to comment to City Pages, but explained what happened via the Instagram post:

“Fun story: We flew a drone outside of the Vatican only to find out that's extremely illegal. Police escorted us in a small room, took our passports, drone footage, and drone. We're still waiting for our camera man to get released. I'm pretty sure everything will be fine but that situation was super lit.”

Fortunately, it sounds like the BLVCK SPVCE member and his crew were able to clear things up with the cops. There's never a dull moment for sightseeing touring artists with cool drones.