Local organization XYandZ applies for 50K grant from Pepsi

Local organization XYandZ applies for 50K grant from Pepsi

(Photo by kevindooley)

While businesses struggle to survive in the economy, the casualty rate is reflected on the streets as store owners vacate spaces, leaving them empty and shuttered. XYandZ has plans for such spaces. If they are selected to be the recipient of a grant from Pepsi Co., the group hopes to breathe new life into empty buildings through art projects.

It may sound strange, but it's true. Rather than spending millions this year on advertising, Pepsi Co. is using the money to fund artistic, political, environmental, and educational projects throughout the nation. The Pepsi Refresh Project is giving away $1.3 million each month to various organizations pitching radical ideas for community improvement.

XYandZ have applied for a $50,000 grant, but will only get it if people vote for them online. Should they be selected for funding, the art group plans to bring new life and added value to empty spaces by hosting art parties and shows. The group has experience with these types of gigs. Some may remember their involvement with a previous event, Save Canvas, a hopping party and ongoing gallery installation that featured live art, music, theater props, and cocktails that was held at a downtown storefront a month before its demolition.

To read up on their pitch and vote for the group, visit They are currently ranked 43rd, and need to make the top 10 to receive funding. Individuals can vote up to 10 times a day and voting is open throughout the month of February.

You can check out their video proposal below.

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