Local Notes

This week 301Studios releases the first disc in its local compilation series, TheFutureOfMusic. While later editions will showcase hip hop and rock, this disc's lineup is all about knob twiddling and robot serenades. The track listing for TheFutureOfMusic: Electronic is remarkably similar to that of the Twin Cities Electropunk comps, but when it comes to such an underappreciated scene, who minds a little overlap? Saturday's release show at Station 4 features TFOM contributors Wordclock, Thosquanta, Little Tin Box, and Heliosphere.


Speaking of which, TC Electropunk stalwarts Telephone! are in a nominal dispute with Dandy Warhol drummer Eric Hedford. Seems Hedford wants to call his new side project Telephone, even though the exclamatory locals have been operating under that name for three years. Now frontwoman Lolly Pop is proposing that the groups share the moniker and assuage confusion by adding their respective area codes. No word yet on whether Pop would reprazent 612 or 651. Well, if it worked for the London Suede, the English Beat, and the Charlatans U.K....

Jazz pop pianist Alicia Wiley, soon perhaps to be Alicia Wiley 763, is unveiling a new EP, In Your Sight (self-released) at a release show Friday at the Nomad World Pub. Moveable Feast and Malo open.

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