Local Music Fans Reveal Their Favorite, Most Epic First Avenue Stories [Video]

Your first First Avenue show is a rite of passage in the Twin Cities music scene. Once you step foot into the star-covered club, it's hard not to find reasons to revisit the place again and again.

We talked to a few of the folks at First Avenue's sold-out 45th anniversary show about their first experiences at the venue, their favorite shows, and what the place means to them.

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From the Flaming Lips and Doomtree to Public Enemy and Har Mar Superstar, everyone had a story to tell about their most epic nights at First Avenue.

Besides recounting the amazing local and national acts that have rocked the stage, plenty of tales we heard were about just how crazy-loud the the sound system at First Avenue can get.

"The bass rattled my skeleton, I could feel my bones shaking. It was awesome," said one fan, reminiscing about the James Blake show he saw.

Another fan told us about one of his first shows at the venue where the decibel levels left his ears a little worse for the wear: "[During] one of the old school Soul Asylum Christmas specials, back when it was so loud, my ears were bleeding for like a week afterwards."

(Good thing there are free earplugs now.)

For anyone who's had a great experience at the iconic Minneapolis venue, one of the night's concert goers summed things up perfectly: "It was the best. It was the best show ever. I died and went to heaven that night."

Video production by Todd Wardrope for City Pages.

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