Local Guitar Hero Chris Chike makes New York Times

Local Guitar Hero Chris Chike makes New York Times

Chris Chike, the Rochester teen who is the world's greatest Guitar Hero player, was featured on the front of the New York Times' Arts & Leisure section Sunday.

We first wrote about Chike in April, when he set a new high score on the popular videogame and was honored by the Guinness Book of World Records. Later, we updated the story when Chike was signed to an endorsement deal by The Ant Commandos, a company that manufactures the plastic guitar controller used in the game.

Now the vaunted Gray Lady has deemed fit to pick up the story.

In his daily life Chris is a senior at the nearby Century High School; he is 6 foot 2, boyishly handsome, a soccer player, a long and high jumper on the varsity track team and painfully shy in conversation, particularly about his plans for college. “I don’t really like to think about it,” he said in a pregame interview, “because I like to procrastinate.”

But to millions of Internet users he is better known as iamchris4life, the Guitar Hero wunderkind whose astronomical scores and YouTube videos of his gaming exploits are, to these fans, as thrilling as actually playing the game. In messages sent to Chris’s account on the Xbox Live network and in notes posted on his personal YouTube page they declare their devotion: “yer god.” “do u wanna marry me?”

For those who haven't need Chike's amazing dexterity in action, here a YouTube clip from the Reporter's Notebook that went with the original story:

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