Local Frames: This week's 5 must-see Minnesota music videos

Hi, Sarah White.

Hi, Sarah White.

I don't have any hard data on this, nor am I willing to gather any, but anecdotally, the bulk of the submissions received by Local Frames are for hip-hop videos. 

I don't know if it's because there are more rappers in Minnesota, or if videos are more embedded in the hip-hop hype cycle or, if it's just easier to film your friends standing on a street corner for two and a half minutes, but rappers tend to get visuals added to their songs early and often. While this isn't a bad thing, it does mean that Local Frames can sometimes have a genre-representation problem.

Rarely do we get metal or alt-rock videos of any sort. Ditto with electronic music or punk. Indie rockers and country artists tend to check in pretty frequently, but the more aggressive the genre, the less likely I am to find it in my inbox.

This week, I'll try to rectify that by featuring a death metal video first and following up with an EDM artist. I'm not sure how much it can help right the scales, but the point is, if your band makes music that you feel isn't showcased here often enough, I wanna hear from you.

Portraits of War — "Save Your Sorrow"

The image of a child blissfully pedaling down an unseemly hallway is beyond cliche by this point, but that doesn't mean it isn't still an effective scare tactic. Minneapolis death-metal band Portraits of War use this The Shining-borrowed conceit to set the unsettling mood for their new video for "Save Your Sorrow."

Pursued through an art gallery by a well-dressed Lucifer, the child is unwittingly charmed by the devil as the punishing sequence of riffs and breakdowns soundtracks her peril. The song includes some of the most insane double-bass drumming to ever be featured in Local Frames.

John David & the Jerks — "I'll Die of Grief"

Awash in barnyard reverb, John David & the Jerks are here to tell you, in the most morbid of terms, that they love you. To the point that, when you die, it'll be curtains for them, too. Romantic, huh?

Well, it sounds even more romantic when it's packaged into a refrain and recited over slide-heavy guitar. Four (!) separate people sent me this video this week, so that's probably a sign that "I'll Die of Grief" belongs in the roundup this week. Now that's devotion — on all sides.

Sarah White — "Siren"

Minneapolis' Sarah White bills herself as a neo-soul artist, but her new song "Siren" leans heavily on the EDM end of the spectrum with whirling keys and arpeggiated breaks. The video itself takes place in some sort of pastel warehouse party featuring artwork Public Functionary, where white and her friends dance jaggedly to the song.

If it looks like a vodka commercial, that's because it was sponsored by Aviv Vodka, but we can hardly fault the lifestyle spirit for wanting to hitch their wagon to White's rising star. The song comes from her recent EP Laughing at Ghosts, which was showcased in her opening gigs with Poliça last week.

Coldhearted Ent. — "Fool Me Once"

Of course, it wouldn't be Local Frames without a rap video, and the lone hip-hop entry this week comes from Osseo, Minnesota-based Coldhearted Ent. for their song "Fool Me Once." It's a hook-driven ode to distrust, in which the duo call out all bullshit in an almost hypnotic mass callout. 

The dudes over at Coldhearted have had some YouTube voodoo keeping their view count down, so let's try to correct that by giving the local crew a few loops in the embed below.

The I Don’t Cares — "Whole Lotta Nothin'"

Paul Westerberg can be pretty damn hilarious, but you know who's even funnier than the erstwhile Replacements singer? Dale Westerberg, his goofy, flamboyant new persona. As the I Don't Cares, Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield released their new Wild Stab single via Pitchfork last week.

The video begins and ends with Westerberg giving pointers to the audience on how to write a song. The song itself doesn't offer much insight from the Twin Cities rock legend, instead leaning on the chorus of "I'm an icon / Everybody hit delete."

Dream of seeing your video appear in Local Frames? Email writer Jerard Fagerberg at [email protected].