Local Frames: This week's 5 must-see Minnesota music videos

Greg Grease rappin' it up in the streets.

Greg Grease rappin' it up in the streets.

We've got some ol' favorites here at Local Frames. Some comfort food for the uncomfortable space between 2015 and 2016.

Luckily, there's much to anticipate in the coming year. Perennial local darling Lizzo just released a new album, so the new date could mean limitless growth for her, and her collaborator Greg Grease is also celebrating new music going into the new year. The Crash Bandits are burning their way towards a new release, as are Hardcore Crayons, both of whom have new vids to share. Then there's John Mark Nelson's sartorial ass, who always has good news, regardless of what the calendar reads.

Now, sit down and get good 'n' comfortable.

The Crash Bandits — "Fast Times"

The say that black and white adds a layer of grittiness to a subject, but the last thing The Crash Bandits need are more grit. The Minneapolis punks rebuked all color in the hectic, headbanging video for their new single "Fast Times," which comes from their January 8 album Lighten Up.

At 1:08, there's not a lot of plot, mostly just the three band members gnashing teeth to the song, which sounds like a cut from an upcoming Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. Which is to say it gets you so pumped you wanna ollie off an awning at an elementary school. Crash Bandits will celebrate their new dose of adrenaline January 8 at the Entry

Greg Grease — "I Still Love H.E.R." and "Killer Love"

MN Original hooked up City Pages 2013 Hip-Hop Artists of the Year Greg Grease with some icy cool visuals for his single "I Still Love H.E.R." off his 2012 album Cornbread, Pearl & G. Even with such a long nascent period, the song feels refreshing under MN Original's lights.

The smooth, jazzy instrumentation and guest vocals by Lizzo combine into give new life to the forlorn love song. Grease has recently been promoting cuts from 2015's Born to Lurk Forced to Work, which is where we get his second feature, "Killer Love," from. With so much new energy moving around the soulful emcees, expect a reinvigorated performance this New Year's Eve when he takes the stage with Cherry Cola, the Cloak Ox, and Kill the Vultures.

Hardcore Crayons — "Zozzled"

According to Urban Dictionary — the go-to source for dumbasses to get in the know — "zozzled" is "a 1930's [sic] way of expressing how drunk you were." Hardcore Crayons take that definition to literal ends in the video for their track of the same name. The woebegone three-piece use their six minutes of video time to walk us through a man's conquering of his own hangover, grooving to the atmospheric punk jam as he shakes the dust of the previous night.

Things do not end well for the revitalized man, as the unending and episodic song continues to haunt him over night, eventually driving him into a skank-dancing stupor. Let the same happen to you Friday night at the Cedar.

John Mark Nelson — "Dream Last Night"

John Mark Nelson's "Dream Last Night" has been in ubiquitous rotation over at 89.3 The Current, so it was no surprise last week when it was announced the producer/singer/songwriter would be playing the MPR affiliate's 11th birthday this month. JMN celebrated by releasing a dreamy visual for the single. In the video, Nelson struggles to detach from memories of a lover who appears to him in his sleep only to, uh, metamorphize into a starfish and shoot off into the night? It all ends well though, as things often do for the talented performer.

Lizzo — "Ain't I" (Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

Party powerpack Lizzo probably doesn't need any more publicity in the Twin Cities. The 2013 Picked to Click winner just released her new album Big Grrrl Small World, and the local media is of course enamored with this latest effort. Still, it gives us goosebumps seeing her take a rightful moment on the national stage — which is exactly what happened Friday night on The Late Show.

Back in 2013, when Lizzo made her TV debut on The Late Show, you could tell her star power was too big to be contained in the MPLS scene, and her turn on Friday only reinforced that initial impression. Lizzo's energetic performance of "Ain't I" turned a sleepy broadcast loose with its chaotic chorus and coordinated dance moves. Good to see one of our own shut down a stage so big.

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