Local Frames: This week's 5 must-see Minnesota music videos

Let J.Plaza tell you about his "Coffin."

Let J.Plaza tell you about his "Coffin."

With tryptophan pumping through our veins, we've come to the section of the calendar when musicians slumber. For fear of missing out on an elusive End of the Year List, artists hold onto their projects until the new year, leaving the team over at Local Frames (read: me) without much in the way of video singles to share with the world. 

But we persevered through the cranberry sauce hangover and scraped up five videos worth featuring this Cyber Monday. A local supergroup shares their androgynous new single, a prodigal 22-year-old R&B artist comes through the fuzz, and a Local Frames vet returns with a triumph for 2015. Should be enough to shake you out of your coma, ya turkeys.

Black Sam Malone — "Suffer On"

Warning to the squeamish — the video for Black Sam Malone's "Suffer On" opens with a graphic shot of a person getting lobotomized with a needle the size of a railroad spike. Things only get more savage from there. We featured BSM's previous single "Black" on Local Frames, but their new visual for "Suffer On" is a considerably more uncomfortable watch. Luckily, it's only 1:51, and the abrasive punk that goes along with the black and white carnage makes for an almost cathartic watch. As the song states, "It's better to feel something than nothing at all." Get the band's latest EP, Let's Dance at the Mouth of the Pithere.

J.Plaza — "Coffin"

Minneapolis grime rapper J.Plaza shows shades of Kirko Bangz, Drake, and Big Sean in his new single for "Coffin," where the up-and-coming rhymer raps without restraint in his home city's bleakest environs. The Mill City Collective representative will be opening for Twista in Red Lake this month, so the new heater should get fans of the motor-mouthed rapper hyped for his opener. The video comes courtesy of cereal films, who've been featured on Local Frames in the past for collaborations with #LAAB and Glow Mechanics.

Eddie White — "Thinking Bout You"

Twenty-two-year-old Minneapolis R&Ber Eddie White doesn't have a name for his new project, but his latest video is doing some legwork in establishing the young crooner as someone Minneapolis music fans should keep on their radar. "Thinking Bout You" begins with the static and tracking of a VHS player — an aesthetic 1993-born rapper appropriates from his early youth — but casually morphs into a shifting, forlorn dream. As White revisits thoughts of a lost love, his world superimposes his memories, but not clarity comes. The end is as bittersweet and jumbled as the beginning.

Midnight & Mudd — "Never Was"

From the crimson-washed backwoods of Minneapolis come beardos Midnight & Mudd. Their single for "Never Was" (their second after August's "City of Gold") finds the freak folk duo walking the tracks of a low-fi nightmare. The whole thing is extremely foreboding, thus bearing a kinship with the nerve-wracking, Korg-heavy song itself. Should you dare submit yourself to the madness of seeing the anxiety-inducing twosome in a basement, Midnight & Mudd play Honey on January 2.

Gramma's Boyfriend — "Forget the Stones"

Forget the Rolling Stones. Just goddamn forget them. Mick Jagger's voice is as thin as a rolling paper, and Keith Richards' jaw is falling off his goddamn head. That's maybe not the explicit message of Haley Bonar's resurgent supergroup Gramma's Boyfriend and their first single since 2011, "Forget the Stones," but the pulsing new-wave groove is enough to erase 51 years of British white dude rock 'n' roll supremacy. The band — which also features local starlets Jeremy Ylvisaker, Luke Anderson, Jacob Hanson, and Mark Erickson — charmed big time with their LP The Human Eye four years ago, but it looks like they're back to reclaim their origins as one of the Twin Cities' worthiest spotlighters. G's B forever.

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