Local Frames: This week's 5 must-see Minnesota music videos


Local Frames is upping the punx this week, with three of our five new videos rooted in the discordant genre this week.

We start this week's local video roundup with a dyed-in-the-wool post-punk band with an upcoming LP, cycle through some futuristic sounds from Detuned Kytes and a raw-as-fuck cut from Braver, before settling down with some dopey middle class hip-hop that's hard not to love.

Keep the submissions coming, Minnesota!

Deleter — "Seclusion"

When you're Minneapolis post-punk band Deleter, you don't have a long time to make an impression. Their upcoming 12-song LP Oblique Seasons is only 25 minutes long, and lead single "Seclusion" only contributes 2:14 to that runtime. Luckily, they put a pretty unforgettable visual to the song. In the low-budget video, willing strangers — including Deleter members — get substances dumped on their faces. As singer Knol Tate told Overblown about the vid: "The two basic images in the film are us getting to basically torture our friends and those same people letting out some emotional baggage when we asked them to rock in the fetal position. We find it poignant and funny." Oblique Seasons is out December 7 on Land Ski Records. Catch them December 4 with Murder Shoes, Cherry Cola, and Ripper at the Triple Rock.

Blinds — "Animals"

Minneapolis indie-rockers Blinds can make even an earthworm seem moody, and that's exactly what they do in the video for their new song "Animals."  But creepy-crawlers aren't all that they offer, there's also some sentient lightning, a person on fire, and a scarily realistic kidnapping scene. The shots are stark and beautiful enough to make that all seem cool, which is exactly what the Kings of Leon-influences Blinds are. Their self-title EP drops December 4, and the band will celebrate at the 331 Club on December 10.

Detuned Kytes — "Waterfall"

The hypersexuality of Pequot Lakes native Braden Palmer is almost unnerving. As Detuned Kytes, Palmer channels JMSN and Justin Timberlake, but does so through a tangible filter of grime. The visual for "Waterfall" comes soaked in sweat and courtesy of Future Fame Productions. It's a wonder that a guy like this — who's been making great industrial scuzz since 2011 — doesn't get more ink, especially when similarly depraved acts like Tickle Torture being local darlings. Here's hoping Palmer's new music gets the foothold it deserves.

Braver — "Metal Roads"

Last week, Minneapolitans were reminded that Punk News is still a thing when they debuted the maniacal new video from Braver. The disaffected punk cut "Metal Roads" is a tour through madness, with anxiety-inducing guitars given home-video-style criminal B-roll. The bulging eyes, the disturbing laughter, the abduction, it all leads to a surprise sex change. It's a lot to experience in only 1:52, so you might have to watch it twice. Braver plays Bryant Lake Bowl on December 20.

Ultramatix — "Plastik"

Are Black Dharma Recordings rap trio Ultramatix for serious? It's hard to say, but they aren't ever gonna stop. Their new single "Plastik" declares as much, as the threesome of Lil' Dicky impersonators goof around Minneapolis with a fisheye lens. Ultramatix are newcomers to the local scene, and it looks like they're here to have a good-ass time. Their debut album has just been recorded, so look for the shenanigans to continue.

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