Local Frames: This week's 5 must-see Minnesota music videos

These are the "Cancerlands" Hollow Boys were telling you about.

These are the "Cancerlands" Hollow Boys were telling you about.

It's been a premiere-happy week in Minnesota. Two of the state's premiere talents — Hippo Campus and Poliça — released new visuals this week, as did Shadow in the Cracks, and the fun continues on the hyper-local level here at Local Frames.

We'll be debuting a video from multimedia indie-rockers Greycoats, but before we get to that, there's a whole host of strange, gorgeous shit to comb through. Elsewhere in this edition, Chris Koza puts a virtual reality spin on his 89.3 the Current single, Hollow Boys go to outer space, the Chambermaids party too hearty, and ACTN dances and dances and dances. Enjoy the weirdness.

Chris Koza — "Radio Waves"

Our first Minnesota video comes with a disclaimer. According to Chris Koza, the 360-degree virtual reality video for "Radio Waves" needs to be viewed via smartphone, or else it'll look "really, really weird and unsatisfying."  On desktop, you can toggle the view around sort of like on Google Maps and glimpse different parts of Koza's odd techno-adventure.

But on mobile, the video transforms your iPhone into an Oculus Rift, balancing on your phone's gyroscope to envelop you fully inside the video. It's a marvel of visual that was accomplished with a Minnesota State Arts Board Arts Initiative Grant. Koza will be having a release party and a Q&A at Gyst this Wednesday if you have questions that you absolutely need answered (and you probably should).

ACTN — "Masquerade"

You can dance to death music, and that's more or less the point of the new video single from enigmatic electropop auteurs ACTN. "Masquerade" features some of the best hand dancin' you've ever seen overlaid and reproduced in a translucent, dizzying haze. The song is a dual release alongside the less moody and foreboding "The Burden," and you can stream both songs for free on ACTN's Bandcamp. They'll be in St. Paul on November 21 with Bones & Beeker and Devata Daun as well as KPT, who is also celebrating a release.

The Chambermaids — "Tall Grass"

Hushed and pensive, "Tall Grass" by Minneapolis indie-rockers the Chambermaids, imagines what the world would look like if Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka took over the CC Club. In fluorescent, angular shots, the video is a neon pastiche of a night of beer and cigarettes. In constantly blurring visions, the dive bar comes alive is equally morose and blithe. The Chambermaids played a bill with a shitload of Swedish bands at Hymie's Vintage Village on Friday, and I imagine it went something like this. Karaoke and ominous bunnymen and all.

Hollow Boys — "Cancerlands"

Hollow Boys are working between releases, having released their Believe in Nothing LP in 2014 and their February EP Violent Ascension. For their latest project, "Cancerlands," they teamed with local filmmaker Michelle Brost to create a video that embodies the dreamlike world they inhabit. In the illustrated video, a nude woman has a sort of Star Baby transformation, echoing the gloomy, dreamy feel of the song. "Cancerlands" will be released as a cassette single along with B-sides "(Save)" and "Wrong" via Modern Radio Record Label. Hollow Boys are currently doing a residency at Grumpy's.

Greycoats — "John Glenn Blues," "Knights of Lake Ladoga," and "The Decider" (PREMIERE)

I'm very enthused and happy to premiere Auto-Tune happy Minneapolis band Greycoat's performance on Spaces. Spaces, the brainchild of Nate Matson, basically works by taking a band, putting them in a unique, unfamiliar setting, and having a performance. For this edition, Matson took Greycoats to architect Ralph Rapson's weekend home near Amery, Wisconsin.

Bathed in a setting sun amongst a wall of glass and white, Greycoats did turns on new songs "John Glenn Blues," "Knights of Lake Ladoga," and "The Decider" from their upcoming album Adrift. According to drummer Mike Smith, the uber-modern space was the inspiration for several of Adrift's songs, and it was also the setting for their video for "Cleopatra." Greycoats will celebrate the architecturally infused release of Adrift at a very special event at PAIKKA on November 21.

Spaces: Greycoats | Rapson Cube, Amery, WI from Nate Matson on Vimeo.