Local Frames: This week's 5 must-see Minnesota music videos

A scene from This is Daybreak's 'Putin's Magic Football Ring," obviously.

A scene from This is Daybreak's 'Putin's Magic Football Ring," obviously.

Local Frames is back, baby!

As you can see, the weekly local video roundup is under new management, as I will be helming the recently downsized (we're going with five videos per week) column from here on out. Much love and appreciation to my predecessor, Erik Thompson, who was kind enough to trust his baby in my barely capable hands.

The reincarnation starts with a lot of goodies. We have a pair of companion videos from a bosom duo of local bands, a lead single from Beach House impersonators Murder Shoes (who City Pages will speak with later this week), and a wordy, low-budget wonder from a St. Paul band with one of my favorite names in the local scene. 

Tungsten — "Only Cowboys Stay in Tune"

OK, let's start with Tungsten, who have a really great name. I'm a fucking pain in the ass about band names, so I'm really delighted to feature Tungsten, who dipped into the periodic table to find one of the only usable monikers therein. The video is for "Only Cowboys Stay in Tune," the first track off Tungsten's October record Digital World. The song itself is a spacey homage to The Presidents of the United States of America, with some dusty guitar work to drive home the cowboy milieu. Gotta love how lead singer Joe Clark sings into a suspended mic like he's Michael Buffer.


This Is Daybreak — "Putin's Magic Football Ring"

YouTube commenter Petros “PJ” Goumas suggests that "Putin's Magic Football Ring" by local weirdos This Is Daybreak should be the new national anthem. That's a bit rash, but the conspiracy-driven single is certainly hilarious. Rich in Illuminati imagery and Vladimir Putin masks, the video illustrates how the uber-manly Russian president polices the planet using an enchanted piece of jewelry. Edward Snowden is eagerly awaiting the band's upcoming album You Said It Would Go Down Like This, which will be declassified on November 27.

Murder Shoes — "Girls Named Benji"

Local beach dream-poppers Murder Shoes imagine a world in which women are named after Sun Kil Moon's best album. In this world, you can do all sorts of cool indie things like write screenplays and going to The Whiskey Cat with your super-edgily named female companion. In the vid, Murder Shoes just kinda go drinking around town, which looks like a lot of fun. As I mentioned earlier, we'll be delving deeper into Murder Shoes' latest happenings this week, but, for now, their  latest LP Daydreaming comes out  on Land Ski Records.this Friday, and two singles are streaming on Bandcamp ahead of its release. Catch them at Icehouse celebrating on November 10.

Nsikak — "3ME" ft. Big Rece

Despite what it sounds like, "3ME" isn't a new theme song for the local Post-It Notes manufacturer, it's a name-making statement song for local label 3rdworld Music Entertainment. With rhymes provided by Nsikak and Big Rece and a punchy beat laid out by Angelo Bombay, "3ME" is a trap anthem for the Twin Cities. The visuals for the song feature the whole 3ME crew romping around and celebrating the launch of their brand. But far from shameless promotion, "3ME" is an incredibly fun and clever arrival for the homegrown brand. Nsikak's upcoming (though unscheduled) LPThe Lost Generation is the group's next slotted project.

General B and The Wiz and Ruben — "The Line" and "Post Office"

I know the new Local Frames is supposed to only have five videos per entry, but General B and The Wiz and Ruben are such good buddies that they couldn't fit their friendship into one video. In fact, they're going to be bunking together on tour starting Wednesday, so both bands decided to get together with Beaudry Filmworks to film a pair of videos where they jammed together. Now, that teamwork is on display in the above visuals for "The Line" and "Post Office." General B and The Wiz are at work on their latest LP, which is led by "The Line," and Ruben will launch their latest project —a 7" for "Post Office," their first new music since 2013 — Sunday, November 8, at their homecoming show.

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