Local Frames: New videos from Mike Mictlan, Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles, Brother Ali, and more

Local Frames: New videos from Mike Mictlan, Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles, Brother Ali, and more

As the Twin Cities music scene grows, more and more artists are creating music that demands our attention. Combine the music with talented filmmakers locally and beyond, and you have a fruitful mix of distinct skills that generates more locally connected music videos than ever before.

While it's impossible to shine a spotlight on all of the great music video work going on around the area, Gimme Noise has created a new regular segment, Local Frames, which will help bring some much deserved attention to a few of the standout videos of the moment from local bands or those filmed by local directors.

Here's our ninth installment of Local Frames, featuring ten recent video selections for your viewing pleasure.

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Mike Mictlan - "Spicy Peen"

Fiery Doomtree MC Mike Mictlan just dropped a fresh and free mixtape called SNAXXX, featuring contributions from fellow Doomtree MC P.O.S as well as Greg Grease, Lizzo, and Spyder Baybie Raw Dog. It's a fun collection featuring throwback beats and jocular rhymes from everyone involved, and Mictlan has just put out a borderline NSFW video for one of the catchiest tracks of the bunch, "Spicy Peen." Mictlan directed the clip along with Daniel Hoffstrom and Ryan Thompson, and the self-proclaimed "Brown Tom Sawyer" stars in the somewhat disgusting video as well, along with Dominique Joelle and a cameo from 2% Muck.

Lucy Michell & the Velvet Lapelles - "Undone"

Local Americana-folk outfit Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles put out a wonderful new record a few months back called, appropriately enough (considering the summer we had), Heat. And, as the group is in the midst of a lengthy fall tour in support of the album, they released an elegant new video for one of the standout tracks on the record, "Undone." The clip was directed by acclaimed New York City filmmaker Chiara Clemente, and features the band playing in an abandoned home and playfully cavorting in tranquil outdoor settings which perfectly matches the mood of the music. Look for them opening a few upcoming dates for Trampled By Turtles in the Dakotas and Milwaukee in November.

Brother Ali - "Home Court Advantage (Live At First Avenue)"

Earlier this month, Brother Ali brought his Mourning In America tour to First Avenue for a two-night stand where a passionate hometown audience packed the club to show their support to the insightful and intense local MC. "I'm going home," Ali says warmly at the start of the clip. "Home to Minneapolis. We're going to drive all night and make it home just in time to make breakfast for my kids." The clip features live and backstage footage from Ali's triumphant homecoming shows, and everyone who was there should try and find themselves in the rambunctious crowd, and everyone who wasn't there will get a small taste of what they missed.

Typsy Panthre - "Hitch-Hiker"

John Crozier (the Hang-Ups/Ninotchka/Muskellunge/Etc.) is at it again, thankfully. His newest project, Typsy Panthre, is a blast of blissful electropop, with the smooth vocals of Owls/Legendary Jim Ruiz singer Allison LaBonne gliding over the top of the buoyant melodies. "Hitch-Hiker" is taken from their self-titled debut record, which is due out on Korda Records on October 23. The clip is directed by Philip Harder, and features LaBonne shooting off her lazer gun and hanging out with a little robot friend, who unfortunately meets a sad end. What's not to like?

Kristoff Krane - "Crystal Clear"

This brand new video features a spirited, one-take performance of Krane's 2008 classic, "Crystal Clear," shot at Cherokee Park by Unique Technique's PCP. The local MC is set to throw a video release party for "Kristoff Krane," from his 2012 album fanfaronade, tomorrow night at the Nomad, featuring live sets from Kristoff Krane himself (obviously), as well as Unknown Prophets, i.ONE, and Sophia Eris. And until then, you should check out Kristoff's impressive lyrical skills featured in this straightforward clip.

Bon Iver - "Beth/Rest"

With all of the recent discussion swelling about the potential future of Bon Iver, the group just released a brand new video for "Beth/Rest," perhaps the most divisive song on their Grammy winning recent record. The gorgeous clip, which was directed by Dan Huiting and Justin Vernon, was shot outside of Vernon's April Base recording studio in Eau Claire. It is based on a treatment written by Vernon himself which described people made of light living in a dream-like world that encapsulates their being. Vernon says, "It's kind of about two people who are truly meant for each other and what happens to their essence. How they connect is some other thing that we don't know how to really talk about." The beautifully illuminated video is truly as moving as the song is.

ECID - "Go High Lion"

Local MC ECID drops his verses on "Go High Lion" over what is unquestionably one of the freshest hip hop beats of the year. The clip was shot and edited by the talented Adam J. Dunn, and features ECID delivering his spirited rhymes during a small but extremely live (and paint splattered) party of his friends and fans. Be careful, this booming, indelible beat is going to be ringing in your ears and stuck in your head long after the video ends.

P.O.S. - "How We Land (Live From Victor's)

P.O.S. has been rolling out a set of videos featuring teaser clips from his highly anticipated forthcoming new record We Don't Even Live Here (which is currently streaming online at The Current), where the Doomtree MC talks openly about the inspiration behind select songs from the record as well as how some of the collaborations came about. Here he talks about "How We Land," which features contributions from Justin Vernon. It's a revealing look into P.O.S.' songwriting process, what the meaning is behind his lyrics, and how Vernon got involved in the song in the first place. The album comes out on Tuesday, with Stef and his crew throwing a big Record Release party at First Ave on October 26, but you should already know all that.

Rogue Valley - "Onward and Over (Live from Grand Rapids)

The Caravan du Nord is a tour of Minnesota musicians that was funded by the MN Music Coalition, billing itself as a traveling showcase of MN musicians. This clip of Rogue Valley performing "Onward and Over" was shot at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, MN, and was part of a statewide tour that also featured Halloween, Alaska, Haley Bonar, and Chastity Brown. It's a nice, intimate performance of the heartwarming track, with Chris Koza's impassioned vocals soaring over the slow-building arrangements.

Strange Names - Strange Revelation

Current Picked To Click'ers Strange Names just released a video for "Strange Revelation," from their self-titled debut EP. The hazy, retro-tinted clip was directed and edited by bandmates Liam Benzvi and Francis Jimenez themselves, and the dream-pop duo are currently busy recording their second EP, which should be out later this fall. If you haven't given Strange Names a listen as of yet, prepare to get swept away by this ethereal track and vid and go buy their EP to find out what all the fuss is about.

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