Local film Stuck Between Stations selected for IFP Independent Filmmaker Labs

Local film Stuck Between Stations selected for IFP Independent Filmmaker Labs

Local filmmaker Brady Kiernan's debut film, Stuck Between Stations, has been selected for IFP's 6th Annual Independent Filmmaker Labs. First profiled here, Stuck Between Stations' story of two young people searching for meaning over the course of a single random night in the Minneapolis underground has drawn the attention of major actors Josh Hartnett and Michael Imperioli, who both play supporting roles. Now, with the film being selected for an Independent Film Lab, Kiernan and his collaborators have a plethora of resources and opportunities in the independent film community at their fingertips, starting with a series of workshops this week in New York City.

IFP, the oldest organization of independent filmmakers in the country, selects 10 narrative films and 10 documentaries each year for the Independent Film Lab mentorship program. Films must be low budget, less than $1,000,000. According to the IFP website, the Film Lab includes the following:

This week, the narrative filmmaking teams (three key members from each project) will participate in workshops in which they receive advice on creative and technical post-production issues. There are two tiers of mentorship support: via the program's supervising Lab Leaders who lead each of the five-day-long intensive sessions, and workshop session leaders who provide mentorship and support to help bring these films to completion. The 2010 Narrative Lab leaders are producers Scott Macaulay (Gummo, Raising Victor Vargas) and Susan Stover (High Art, Laurel Canyon) and Jon Reiss, director and marketing & distribution specialist (Think Outside the Box Office, Bomb It!).

Individual workshop leaders include, amongst others: composer Nathan Larson (The Kids Are All Right) and music supervisor Barry Cole (Notorious, Talk to Me); editors Lee Percy (Amelia, Boys Don't Cry), Tricia Cooke (Solitary Man, The Big Lebowski), Brian Kates (Jack Goes Boating,The Savages), Sabine Hoffmann (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Hounddog) and additional film professionals and strategists including Lisa Cortes (producer, Precious: Based on the novel by Sapphire), Mike Ryan (producer, Choke), Mynette Louie (producer, Children of Invention), Karin Chien (producer, The Exploding Girl), Marion Koltai-Levine (Zipline Entertainment), Brian Chirls (technologist, Three Eyed Labs) and Todd Sklar (marketing specialist, RangeLife Entertainment).

In addition, each selected project director works with a top independent producer who serves as a one-to-one mentor to establish goals, provide additional feedback, and share ideas to gain the most from the Lab program - and beyond. The 2010 Narrative Lab mentors are: Fred Berger(Taking Chance), Howard Gertler (World's Greatest Dad), Gill Holland(True Adolescents), Lars Kundsen & Jay VanHoy (Old Joy), Yael Melamede(Brief Interviews With Hideous Men), Gretchen McGowan(The Limits of Control), Michael Roiff(Waitress), Susan Stover(High Art), Frida Torresblanco (Pan's Labyrinth), and Sol Tryon(Explicit Ills).

Kiernan has expressed his interest in helping the movie scene in Minneapolis become comparable to Austin or other hotbeds of indie film. It looks like this is a big step forward in his master plan. For more on Kiernan and Stuck Between Stations, read the Gimme Noise interview here.

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