Local critics, Gimme Noise included, converged on the Local Show

Local critics, Gimme Noise included, converged on the Local Show

It's most opinionated time of the year. Thus, 89.3 the Current's studios opened up for a few gatekeepers from the Twin Cities music media to air out the wares they've been pushing all year long once again before moving onto the 2013 models. This is the Critics Pick edition.

In an episode that aired Sunday evening, Star Tribune's Chris Riemenschneider, Pioneer Press's Ross Raihala, the Current's Andrea Swensson, and myself all got in the booth with the Local Show's David Campbell and discussed what music was great in 2012. And then, as you can see above, things got ugly in a way that only Instagram could capture.

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As a long-time listener, but first-time participant, it was rewarding to hear some very well-reasoned arguments from not just the panel, but some commenters that were featured as part of the show.

Riemenschneider went for the jugular with this statement about P.O.S.'s We Don't Even Live Here: "I would hold this up as perhaps one of the greatest Minnesota hip-hop albums of all time." But the two hours proved to delve into a wealth of different segments from the Twin Cities music community.

For those who hate listening to things, the estimable orchestrator of this whole affair Jon Schober has helpfully transcribed much of what was said -- including me gushing about Now, Now and Big Cats -- right here.

But if you've got two hours of open ear-time today, check out the stream of the whole program that touches on Gay Witch Abortion, Owl City, and the Secret Stash funk and soul compilation over its course.

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