Local-Connections Grammy Roll Call!

I kinda think the Grammys are like Katherine Kersten -- as objectionable as they are, giving them any attention (including negative) will only encourage their existence. The only proper response is to completely ignore them. But sometimes I just like sharing in our common cultural experiences. So I watched the Gramcast. Of course, Herbie Hancock's big win for River: The Joni Letters in the Album of the Year category was a forgone conclusion. I mean, after one of the songs from River appeared in an iPhone commercial, and another of the songs from River was played during an episode of The Hills, downloading sales went through the roof, and you couldn't go anywhere in 2007 without hearing that one track off of River: The Joni Letters. So!

Let's move on to the local Grammy roll call!

Prince: Won for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for "Future Baby Mama." Showed up right at the beginning looking crisp in scarlet and white, unnecessarily sunglass-ed.

The Time: Performed "Jungle Love," received audience love, looked a bit stiff, the sound was kind of dampened and muffled. Everyone keeps saying they haven't played together in 18 years. What does that mean, exactly? That Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were not accompanying "Morris Day and the Time" at Taste of Minnesota last summer? Why did they all reform now to do this weird medley with Rihanna? Oh-ee oh-ee oh!/Ella ella ella/Oh-ee oh-ee oh!

Jessy Greene: After two hours of on-and-off nonsense from this beastly show, I turn away for a second and miss Minneapolis' own violin-playing Gasthoff's-waitressin' every-damn-local-band collaborating Ukrainian-blooded beauty Jessy Greene up on stage with the Foo Fighters. She's been touring with them for awhile now, and apparently Dave Grohl even said her name as he was in the hyper thank-you-name-string phase of accepting their award for Best Rock Album. Everybody in town knows Ms. Greene, and this is a cool and exciting development. Damn. You got to me, Grammys.

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