Local author Kao Kalia Yang interviewed on TCL

Kao Kalia Yang’s family memoir, The Latehomecomer, tells the heartbreaking tale of three generations of family strength in times of incredible hardship.

Born in 1980 in a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand, Yang called it home until her family managed to immigrate to California, then St. Paul when she was 6. The Latehomecomer is an impressive autobiography, the first of its kind from a Hmong author, and spans three generations: Her grandmother, who feared being forgotten more than death, her parents who somehow managed to find love and raise two daughters in the middle of a war–jungle, and Yang herself as she makes a new life in a new country, yet longs for a home that cannot be pointed to on a map.

Since its publication, The Latehomecomer has received warm reviews, and Yang has given numerous readings throughout the city (her next reading is 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 10 at Barnes and Noble in the Har Mar Mall). This afternoon, the soft–spoken, thoughtful author discussed her writing and life on Twin Cities Live. To watch the interview, click here.