Lizzo's new single "Paris" will be on HBO's Girls

After a sweltering 2013, Picked to Click champ Lizzo's back for more. A new track called "Paris," which was not featured on her breakout debut, Lizzobangers, is circulating today. And Gimme Noise is gonna put some money on this song being a part of the rapper's set at the Current's sold-out Birthday show on Friday, January 24.

In her solo material, as well as work with the Chalice and GRRRL PRTY, Lizzo is big on catchy hooks. And this one ("Have you ever been to Paris at night?/Neither have I, neither have I") is gonna be bouncing on a trampoline inside your skull all day.

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Refreshingly, the evolving smack of the beat never stays in one place too long, nor does the unpredictable narrative of Lizzo's lyricism. Deep introspection is woven tightly alongside playful lines about Prince and Jay Z's infatuation with her. If those parts aren't true yet, give it a few weeks.

Side Note: After seeing a bit of online discussion about last week's GRRRL PRTY residency finale show (featuring Lizzo) at Icehouse, it's worth a brief comment. The group proved yet again that great hip hop isn't about fitting squarely into an audience's preconceived expectations. What Lizzo and her groups have done effectively in a short time is lay out their own style, their own rules, and their own sound.

For the conscious-minded, the party-oriented, or the technique-obsessed, there's one thing that every rapper -- heck, every artist -- has to keep in mind: being the best at it. A combination of hard work, creativity, and love of the craft coming out simultaneously is what resonates in any performance, for the audience members who are paying attention. That's why it's easy to gravitate to Lizzo -- regardless of what a person liked before or after hearing her.

Anyhow, back to this whole new Lizzo track thing. Gimme Noise would prefer an onscreen cameo, but we'll settle for "Paris" getting placement on the HBO series Girls on Sunday, January 19. Stream "Paris" at SPIN, or cop it on iTunes.

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