Lizzo, Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis collab in pretty cool Google ad

Lizzo and Sadie "Sad13" Dupris with their coffers freshly lined by Google.

Lizzo and Sadie "Sad13" Dupris with their coffers freshly lined by Google.

Lizzo and Speedy Ortiz vocalist Sadie Dupris. Collaborating over the internet. To make a song. Pretty cool, right?

Google thought so, so they brought the two titans of the blogosphere together for a collaborative commercial, which premiered over at Vice-sponsored content engine Noisey yesterday. The premise is that Google connected the local GRRRL PRTY emcee and Dupuis — who does solo work under the moniker Sad13 — via their Google Docs platform and let them make advertising magic.

The result is a three-minute song entitled "Basement Queens," which is now available for free on Google Play. The remotely hashed-out lyrics deal with both artists' prowess in the studio, as well as the ripping apart of stereotypes surrounding their gender's contribution to music.

The song itself a little half-baked and feels more like a Google jingle than an earnest partnership, but still, you gotta admit, pretty cool. Check out this mini-doc that details the #madewithGoogleDocs origin story of "Basement Queens": 

Yeah, that's some pretty good stuff. A lot better than the last time a tech company enlisted a Minnesota musician to sell their products.

Boston's Speedy Ortiz cracked a handful of year-end lists with their 2015 album Foil Deer. Lizzo, fresh off the release December's Big Grrrl Small World, headlines First Avenue on Feb. 6.