Lizzo promises to 'kiss all of the people at the Myth, all at once' on New Year’s Eve


Lizzo Jabari Jacobs

The news cycle has yet to tire of Lizzo.

Though the proud lioness of rap didn’t release a new album in 2017, she still made some noise by dropping two sassy singles: the self-love dance track “Water Me” and the fuck-off anthem “Truth Hurts.” She got fashionistas talking by appearing in a wedding gown for the “Truth Hurts” music video and demonstrated makeup tips for Vogue.

As if that weren’t buzz enough, she also rode on a jet ski for the first time with model Ashley Graham for a Swimsuits for All promo. (There’s clearly no rest for the wicked.) We finagled a few minutes with the busy body ahead of her New Year’s Eve show at the Myth.

City Pages: How did 2017 treat you? What have the highlights been?

Lizzo: 2017 has been a big transitional year. I think one of the biggest highlights was getting my touring show and the girls at the perfect level. We’ve been touring for a long time but this was the first year we transitioned to the perfect touring scenario. We’ve finally been taken care of and we’re out there having a blast on the road. Touring can be a struggle sometimes, but this was the year we finally got rid of the struggle. We were able to have fun doing what we love to do.

Another highlight would be understanding my anxiety and balancing that with work. I think it was a big deal when I decided my mental health is more important than a show or a check or social media. Once I learned how to find the balance in that, I think it really prepared me for the work that I’m going to have to do in 2018. This year was a huge preparation year. I’m really, really happy with the leaps and bounds we’ve all made.

CP: Is there a New Year’s Eve memory that stands out in your mind as being one of the best?

L: New Year’s is always kind of a bummer. You have these big expectations and you don’t fulfill them. In the movies you always see these wonderful love stories and amazing moments in Times Square, and it’s like, “That never happens in real life!” In Minneapolis, we would go to Sound Gallery and party. I remember when I was a kid in the year 2000, the lights flickered in our house and I was like, “It’s the apocalypse!” Those are honestly the New Year’s memories that stick out in my mind, which is why my show at the Myth is going to be so special. Finally, we’re going to put New Year’s in our control. We get to make the night the best night ever.

CP: What do you like to drink on New Year’s Eve?

L: We drink the same thing, man. We drink tequila all the time. There’s gonna be a lot of tequila.

CP: You’re something of a fashionista. What kind of an outfit will you be rockin’ on New Year’s Eve?

L: That’s up to Brooke Candy. She’s going to be coming up with my look. It’s kind of a surprise for me, too.

CP: Do you have a preference between a cold-weather New Year’s Eve or a warm-weather one?

L: No, man. I don’t have a preference. I think it’s all about who you’re with.

CP: Is New Year’s Eve still exciting if you’re performing? Or does it feel like you’re working?

L: I love to work so I think I would prefer working on New Year’s because what else am I going to do?

CP: Who are you going to kiss when the clock strikes midnight?

L: I’m gonna kiss all of the people at the Myth, all at once. All 2,000 of you guys.

With: Brooke Candy, CupcakKe, and Doja Cat
Where: Myth
When: 9 p.m. Sun. Dec. 31
Tickets: $32.99; more info here