Lizzo has conquered the world

Before the world stanned, we stanned locally. That's gotta count for something, right?

Before the world stanned, we stanned locally. That's gotta count for something, right? Rolling Stone/David LaChapelle

But don't take my word for it (I like Nickelback). 

Instead, consult the latest cover of Rolling Stone, which features Lizzo -- resplendently Biblical amid a flowery woodland landscape, courtesy of heavyweight photographer David LaChapelle -- accompanied by the subhead: "How she conquered the world." 

First, shoutout to RS for the full-throated endorsement of just one world conqueror (the New York Times Ed. Board would force her to split the throne with Billie Eilish). Second, as we acknowledge yet another career W for this locally launched pop superstar, we're forced to wonder: Just how many Twin Cities references did writer Brittany Spanos work into her Lizzo profile?

With the disclaimer that any number would be insufficient, we count just two. 

There's a reference to the Chalice, Lizzo's trio that won our 2012 Picked to Click poll...

Lizzo always figured she would write a massive pop hit. Best friend and longtime collaborator Sophia Eris remembers how fast Lizzo would write songs for their pop-rap trio the Chalice, which they formed in 2011 in Minneapolis.

Prince, who is also from here, gets mentioned...

In Minneapolis, Lizzo was rapping again, and at the time was one of the few black women in the city doing so. She and Eris soon formed the Chalice, another Destiny’s Child-inspired girl group. The group became local celebrities. Then they got the ultimate co-sign for any Minneapolis musician: Prince was a fan.

For much, much more Lizzo content geared to our geographic circumstance, read our cover story on how life in Minnesota prepared the 31-year-old celeb for fame. You're also encouraged to read the whole RS piece

As noted in said piece, Lizzo leads this year's pack with eight Grammy noms... though that institution was recently exposed as (allegedly) being rotten to the core. The awards air at 7 p.m. this coming Sunday on CBS; here's Lizzo talkin' Grammys with Gayle King:

Anyway! Let's take a gander at that full Rolling Stone cover: