Live from New York, it's Friday night!


After 23 hours riding on a bio-diesel charter bus with a slew of local musicians including Aviette, The Glad Version, Darren Jackson of Kid Dakota, Ben Weaver, Stook (pictured), Sam Keenan, and the Bill Mike Band, we have finally arrived in New York City for tonight's Draw Fire Records showcase at CMJ.

Well, to be more accurate, we are in our hotel in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but after a quick shower and change we will be heading into the city.

Highlights from the trip so far: hearing Stook's entire life story told in three sentences ("I was born in Indiana. Then I grew up and went to college. That's really about it."), watching photographer Alexa Jones file a podcast for whilst drunk on brandy that had been smuggled aboard the bus, and standing around with a large group of musicians as we all watched the Glad Version's Adam Svec choke down a hot pickle at a rest stop. Yes, folks, life on the road really is that exciting.

I'll have more for you after the showcase tonight.