Listen to an exclusive Low track premiere from the upcoming Drone Not Drones release


Low Zoran Orlic

I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure nobody can go 28 hours without peeing.

And so, even if you made it to the Cedar Cultural Center in January for the fifth annual Drone Not Drones performance—even if you camped out for the entire 28-hour event—you must have stepped out for a minute or two to visit the restroom. Or to have a smoke. Or on account of some such similar necessity.

Fortunately, all 28 hours of the continuous drone were recorded, and Friday, April 6, the recording will be made available on Bandcamp. As with tickets to the event, all proceeds from sales of the recording go to Doctors Without Borders.

You can preview 5 of the 61 tracks on Bandcamp already. But not Low's track. The Duluth trio's 42-minute contribution to Drone Not Drones can only be heard right here. At least until Friday. That is what we in the blog biz call "an exclusive premiere."

In other Drone Not Drones news, event organizer Luke Heiken is bringing Australian drone artist Lawrence English to the Cedar in June. In addition to his show, English will teach a couple classes on field recording.