Lindsay Lohan disses Minnesota hip-hop radio on Saturday Night Live?

Lindsay Lohan dons a conrnrow wig in a Saturday Night Live skit about a fictional B108 hip-hop radio station based in Shakopee, Minnesota. Alhough it's a concept delivered with plenty of amusing local color -- anyone who remembers waiting expectantly in their youth for school closings to be announced after a big snowfall can relate -- the real joke is on local radio listeners.

Since the 2010 format shift of B96, there isn't a rap format station to be found on the dial throughout our fair "flyover" metro area.

Perhaps the skit's writers literally said "Where's a city that has no hip-hop station?" And the rest is what we have here. Not to say that B108's towel-waving, fleece-repping, slang-bangin' morning jocks Richard and the Buffalo are the type of characters we'll miss at 5 a.m. or any other time. (It'll be interesting to see how B96 alums Tone E Fly, Anjali, and Peter Parker feel about this type of portrayal.)

Although this is couched mostly in a bit lampooning the ridiculousness of a bunch of very Caucasian people trying to be "street" in a studio bedecked with Timberwolves, Twins, and Vikings memorabilia, there's an awareness of what challenges our listening area faces. When it comes time to do "Wake Up and Win," absolutely no one calls in to try and win a prize. "Only the sound of wind!" one of our annoying jocks reports. And at that point, they say $58,000 has accumulated in the B108 "schwag closet" -- or the equivalent of "three years salary" for these hopeless creatures. Frowny face.

On the bright side, you will enjoy the strait-laced school closings read by an UGGs-wearing news reader Karen (Vanessa Bayer): "My Isuzu slid across four lanes before I was able to just drift behind a dairy truck. I almost died."

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