Limp Bizkit post album art, track listing, are you kidding me?


So, you know how Jimmy Fallon could never manage to get through a whole Saturday Night Live sketch without cracking a smile, laughing at an inopportune moment, and then inevitably falling into a fit of giggles that would derail the entire script? Yeah, this is going to be sort of like that.

[jump] Limp Bizkit - YES THEY STILL EXIST - announced today that they are getting ready to release their fifth studio album, Gold Cobra, and that they plan to wriggle it into our unsuspecting little brains on June 28. In a press release, someone actually wrote out the words "one of the biggest rock bands of all time," "historic line-up," and "Fred Durst" all in one sentence without passing out in a fit of hysteria and dying, AND - HOLD ON, I JUST NEED A SECOND, OK - Durst is quoted as saying "We've come full circle to absolutely own who we are as a band, an undisputed five piece rap rock powerhouse who crushes every stage we play."

Hooooooookay. Before we get to the track listing - WHICH YOU WILL LOVE - let's take a moment to step back, think about all of the greatest album covers we've seen in our lifetime, and then try to wrap our minds around this gem:

And here is the track listing for Gold Cobra. I've taken the time to highlight my concerns favorite song titles below. 

1. Introbra 

2. Bring It Back

3. Gold Cobra

4. Shark Attack

5. Get A Life

6. Shotgun

7. Douche Bag 

8. Walking Away

9. Loser

10. Autotunage

11. 90.2.10

12. Why Try

13. Killer In You

14. Back Porch

15. My Own Cobain

16. Angels

17. Middle Finger feat Paul Wall