Lily Allen steals hearts at First Ave

It's official. I am totally crushin' on Lily Allen. Hard.

The British pop star had me from the start of her Friday night performance at First Ave. The pounding, electronic opening of "Everyone's At It" began, shadows swaying behind the dramatic white curtain, finally dropping to reveal Lily atop a small set of stairs with huge letter props spelling out her name at the back of the stage. Lights were pulsing and the London beauty danced between the flashes in her short, bird-patterned jumper.

Only a few songs in Lily began aggressively ripping some gaffing tape off her boobs, noting it was meant to hold up her top. This precaution was deemed no longer necessary and instead she just told us, "you might see my tits." Unfortunately the goods never saw the light.

In between songs Lily said cute things and was, in general, charming and coy. She prefaced her song "Him" with banter about Salt Lake City's dislike for the song's sacrilegious content, blurted something about "sucking cock" before starting the track "22" and advised men to "think outside the box"-- literally -- as she got into "Not Fair."

As the show continued Lily began looking like a quite a wreck: she replaced her sparkly platforms with bulky sneakers, casually puffed a cigarette and drank her booze hastily from a red plastic cup. During the encore she changed completely and took the stage in a wife beater, a barely there bra and ripped jeans. Trashy and adorable isn't an easy combination to pull off, but Lily is a pro: heavy on the sugar, lots of boy bashing and even a cover of "Womanizer."

Lily and her band of good looking men played an incredible evening of witty songs from the new album, It's Not Me, It's You and a couple oldies like "Smile." The sold-out Mainroom was a mix bag of ages and styles, but there's just one thing everyone had in common: happy faces. One genuinely wonderful, sweet and witty song after another, no one's thoughts neared the soul sucking recession, bee stings or dog bites. I was sober and yet felt as though I had hit the bottle as hard as Lily herself. She is officially one of my favorite people on earth.