Lil Wayne's ode to the Packers, 'Green and Yellow'


Leading up to the Super Bowl, it's expected (especially for Vikings fans, who seem doomed to never make it back to the big game) that everyone chooses a side to cheer for while we all make our big plans for Sunday. And those truly lucky fans of the teams involved in the Super Bowl typically puff out their chests proudly and start the inevitable trash talking that doesn't really let up until the game's final play.

So, everywhere you turn there's incessant talk of why the Packers will win, or why they don't stand a chance against the formidable Steel Curtain defense. But, let's be honest: no one really expected to hear Weezy chime in about the game.

Nevertheless, here is Lil Wayne entering the deafening Super Bowl fracas with a clear-cut, pro-Packer rant "Green And Yellow."


Download mp3: Lil Wayne, "Green and Yellow"

And while the rhymes are clearly not Weezy's best (most professional sports anthems are decidedly weak. See: Prince, and Leighton, G.B. for proof), his best intentions are obviously there, and somebody from the hip-hop world had to rep Green Bay (right?), since Snoop Dogg has been consistently touting the strength of his Steelers for years. So while it may be a bit of a shock to hear Wayne repeatedly claim he's a cheesehead, he has his team picked and is apparently sticking with the Packers until the end. Which Weezy feels will feature plenty of Lambeau Leap's in Dallas, and him smoking a cigar like Vince Lombardi during his Super Bowl victory party.

This assuredly is the first time Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews have been name-checked in a hip-hop track, and even though their inclusion seems a bit forced (the whole song sounds like it was written and recorded yesterday), it's something every Packer fan (or at least those that don't hate rap music) can rally around while getting ready for the big game. The lines in the sand have been drawn and the tensions are clearly running high. Weezy's got the back of the Pack while Snoop has his Terrible Towel waving. Everyone's eyes are focused squarely on Cowboys Stadium for what is unquestionably the biggest annual sporting event in the U.S.

Me, though? I'm a Vikings fan (don't laugh) who couldn't be more excited about seeing the Decemberists on Super Bowl Sunday to distract me from a game I don't really care about at all.